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Sentence Completion Test
22-07-2012, 11:41 PM
Mesaj: #1
Sentence Completion Test
1. Since it suppresses the nausea induced by anti-cancer drugs and relieves the pain of multiple-sclerosis,..................
a) Europe's Food and Drug Administration permit ophthalmologists to prescribe marijuana, a harmful drug, to helpless patients
b) a team of AIDS researchers are preparing to introduce a couple of new drugs
c) the sale of Marijuana is going to be banned in drugstores
d) which cause burning sensations in patients' limbs
e) the federal government had lifted the ban on the harmful drug before these two diseases were known

2. We have repeated many times................
a) that we would settle in a big hectic city
b) that mother had made a mistake in making her decision to leave
c) our dismay at our mother’s having been stuck in a small dull town
d) how happy we had been where we are
e) although my mother wasn't so deaf to hear us

3. Having been curious about what's in the pen for hens,..................
a) the chickens walked towards their pen
b) the farmer decided to sell all the hens
c) the writer resolved to write a book about them with a pen
d) my younger daughter nearly broke it
e) Jackie thrust his head into it to examine the inside

4. The bank turned down her request for a loan; therefore………….
a) the bank manager began to beg her to leave the bank
b) she decided to come to the bank every day
c) she sold her house to pay her debts
d) she apologised for her demand for it
e) she was willing to live alone.

5. Having been dismissed from the school,................
a) he decided to commit suicide
b) he passed her class successfully
c) he was transferred to another class
d) the boy felt deep gratitude for the headmaster
e) he will look for another job

6. I would naturally have felt extremely disillusioned,__________.
a) since he must have been by far the best applicant
b) unless the competition has had very few entrants
c) even though the two teams were extraordinarily well matched
d) If they hadn't sent us an invitation to the concert
e) as the first prize went to a racist author

7. The speaker from China has stressed__
a) so that preserving agricultural land is his government's primary economic policy
b) that terracing the soil is one conservation method used widely in his country to control erosion
c) since urban renewal has completely changed the look of the cities in his country
d) as regards the fact that a handful of industrial nations monopolized deep sea fishing until the early 1970's
e) while rich tropical forests are vanishing at the rate of some 11 million hectares a year.

8. The overall quality of life in today's world cannot be improved____.
a) just as population growth would strain the global urban environment
b) as the underdeveloped countries were ignored completely by international
agencies like the United Nations and the World Bank
c) since the population of that part of the world rose from 800 million in 1960 to 1.2 billion in 1985
d) if the developed countries are not prepared to offer a helping hand to the underdeveloped
e) whenever the OECD declines to support a series of projects for the development of poorer countries.

9. Some avalanches move no faster than 40 kilometers per hour____.
a) while others have been estimated to have a speed of about 300 kilometres per hour
b) even if the damage they did was minimal compared with the destruction caused by hurricanes and earthquake
c) in spite of the fact that snow lying on a steep slope is always liable to avalanche
d) for the wind sometimes reaches a force almost equal to that of a tornado
e) so that in such areas measures may be taken to avoid large avalanches

10. _____that treatment policies suitable for one age group may not be justified in another.
a) A controversy immediately arose
b) The article has considerable originality
c) A current study into cholesterol levels suggests
d) They had fully persuaded
e) The implications were not at first realized

11. ______how instantaneously and lastingly blacks had affected American life throughout history.
a) Thomas Jefferson, one of the leaders of the American Revolution, had opposed
b) In his paper on slavery in America he demonstrated with impeccable scholarship
c) Whites in America have always objected
d) In colonial America, Virgins was the largest and most populous colony where
e) The American slaves, often subject to arbitrary punishment, learned to be hypersensitive

12. _____, however most of them don't see a doctor because they think it's something they just have to live with.
a) It was reported earlier in this decade that about one third of all patients had received treatment for impotence
b) Over 200 thousand men have received proper medical treatment
c) Impotence is something we have learned to deal with
d) Urologists and other doctors have always been concerned with impotence
e) Impotence affects over 10 million men nationwide

13. Although free politics and free-market economics go most happily together,______.
a) no new aid would be approved for six months
b) they could no longer blame the colonialists, who had withdrawn from Africa two or three decades before
c) five years ago, dictatorships proclaiming socialist policies prevailed in Africa
d) one does not necessarily lead to the other, nor guarantees its success
e) Africans have shown that they want multiparty democracy and are beginning to achieve it

14. The Nazi occupation of the Netherlands is best known to most of us through Anne Frank's diary,______.
a) although another significant record of the era was made by Dutch photographers, both professional and amateur
b) while the Dutch government had banned the publication of all newspapers
c) since most of the Jewish population in the country were prepared to emigrate tothe United States
d) that her description of the atrocities committed by the enemy has provided historians with valuable details
e) when her parents had hidden her in the attic of their house

15. ______, the U.S. population, now 266 million, will increase to 400 million by 2050.
a) Though the governments have encouraged large families through tax reductionsand welfare subsidies
b) Although the growth rate has been among the highest of the developed world
c) If current trends continue, and they seem likely to do so
d) Since the birth rate has now outgrown the country's agricultural capacity
e) Because stringent measures need to be introduced to reverse population growth

16. The elderly gentleman sitting over there is an artist__________.
a) whose many articles about their commitment to the cause of human welfare and happiness in Africa would be controversial
b) that he shares the vision of young people for a peaceful and prosperous world in the next century
c) whose work has been exhibited widely in many countries in Europe
d) as his awards include gold and silver medals presented by various organizations
e) whereby he had commonly been elected an honorary member of the Society of Modern Arts

17. He emphasized that the issue was simply_____.
a) in case the surgery recommended was approved by the medical board
b) whether surgical intervention was right for this particular patient
c) when the patient has been admitted for an emergency operation
d) to what extent the treatment recommended for this particular patient has been
e) why the medical board is expected to refuse his appointment

18. By the time the first European travelers on the American continent began to record some of their observations about Indians..........
a) the Cherokee people had developed an advanced culture
b) the American Indians were fighting against raiders.
c) the European immigrants poured into the States
d) Indian culture is entirely different from slave culture
e) everyone realized the strength of the Indians

19. An infant, according to Birdwhistell, learns____.
a) that he was not able to run as fast as his brother
b) why he will not get along with his brothers
c) where to set the eyebrows by looking around
d) when he is born into a poor family
e) what the people around are talking about

20. _____that it has been a stable and relatively fixed institution through history.
a) The general view of the family is
b) What he had been asked
c) The ideal observer view was discussed
d) The best lesson to learn
e) Why the experts question

21. Smallpox inoculation became popular_____.
a) that eventually this disease would have been completely wiped out
b) although the success rate, according to recent realistic, is still rather doubtful
c) even though it had not been a fatal disease that brought death to all levels of society
d) however unlikely one is to come in contact with the disease
e) only after Jenner's discovery that the less dangerous cowpox material was an effective immunizing agent

22. The helicopter can climb vertically, _ .
a) although the winds were blowing at gale force
b) if it can take off in a very restricted space
c) which, in certain circumstances, is its main advantages over other types of aircraft
d) whenever the pilot felt himself obliged to make a forced landing
e) if the cost of its uptake hadn't been a heavy burden on the budget

23. ________if any one party decides to ignore the obligations it has undertaken in the treaty.
a) Obviously, very serious problems will arise
b) They may have refused the offer
c) They were actually determined to be present at the opening of the talks
d) The last speaker was quite adamant on the need to resume fighting
e) The observers may have been very upset

24. _ , although many countries are stepping up their own production.
a) This is just one of many developments in international trade
b) England still imported a great deal of tropical fruit
c) Turkey's exports of fruit and vegetables will have dropped sharply
d) Steel remains an important item of international trade
e) By the end of the month figures concerning the dollar reserves will have been processed

25. Before the National Health Service Act came into force in 1946 in England,_____.
a) the funding of hospitals was a major issue in human politics
b) these people aren't able to afford medical advice
c) there have been angry debates about the necessity for it
d) everyone realized that these were all, basically, political issues
e) many doctors would feel that the transition had been exceedingly painful

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